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Toughened Laminated Glass

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The frequency that Toughened Laminated Glass is being specified is ever increasing due to the combined strength of both the Toughening process and the Laminating process providing a barrier which is very hard to penetrate. If one of the toughened glass panes does happen to break not only will there be no falling glass particles but the additional toughened glass pane and the interlayer will provide an extra barrier to prevent injury. Specifiers see this as a huge advantage when glass is being used for balustrades, flooring, canopies etc. where safety is paramount. 

The interlayer we use when laminating the glass is Pujol EVALAM which is characterised by its extremely high transparency, durability and long-term reliability. It can be used indoors or outdoors as it is fully water proof therefore making it the perfect product for canopies and balcony balustrades that are exposed to the weather. 

Coloured laminate interlayers are available upon request and we can also incorporate most dry & flat subtances inside of the interlayers to give bespoke designs. 

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